• herbel

    Like all true beauty, the stunning visual appeal of Hebel is more than skin deep. Underneath the impressive rendered exterior you'll discover the many reasons why more and more people are turning to Hebel. In addition to the incredible fire-resistant properties (that have been proven in the heat of raging bush fires) and money-saving thermal qualities that leave brick in the cold (or the heat depending on the season), you'll also find an independently verified sustainable and environmentally responsible building product.

    A Hebel home presents both an attractive and appealing look, with a contemporary, aspirational and modern exterior that can be completed with a choice of colours and texture finishes to personalise the look of your home.

    Building with Hebel also provides you with the capability to create innovative design both externally and internally through planning and structural flexibility to further add an individual look and long-lasting presentation of your home. It provides the look and solid feel of brick and then adds comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits that only a Hebel home can deliver.

  • EzyClad

    Rendex panel is used Rendex External Cladding System and installed directly fixed on the frame or in a cavity system with the option of horizontal or vertical battens. Rendex is a Lightweight Thermal Efficient Walling System designed to allow for fast onsite installation, the superior thermal qualities found in the use of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) as a highly effective insulated substrate.

    The Rendex External Cladding System is fully BCA compliant BRAC & CodeMark Accredited and consists of the Rendex Panel, coated with a decorative and protective finish.

    The Rendex External Cladding System is suitable for Bushfire areas with requirements up to BAL 29.

    The Rendex External Cladding System can help you as a builder or designer in maximising your ability to freely design and in turn, implement in construction, a seamless finished walling system, contributing towards achieving five star energy efficiency requirements.

    The Rendex External Cladding System, panelling is manufactured with a pre-coated surface application of a Polymer reinforced fibreglass mesh coating.

    The Rendex External Cladding System can be supplied in 2.4 x 1.2m panels in thicknesses of 50, 75 and 100mm.

    All Cladding and Render can supply only and recommend a preferred installer and renderer to install the above systems for you. Please contact us for further details.

  • james-scyon

    All Cladding and Render can supply and or arrange installation of the following range of James Hardie products:

    • Scyon Axon cladding
    • Scyon Linea weather board
    • Scyon Matrix cladding
    • Scyon Stria cladding
    • Scyon Secura Exterior flooring
    • Scyon Secura Interior flooring
    • PrimeLine weatherboard

  • cladding img

    Focused on taking a fresh look at the building market, CSR Cemintel has a range of products that make buildings look great and work better.

    CSR Cemintel is now in the business of creating products with "a look" and producing finishes that people aspire to have on and in their buildings. Whether it be the unique colours and textures provided by the Designer Series or the traditional weatherboard look of Scarborough, CSR Cemintel has the products to help you create a stunning facade.

    Drawing upon the best knowledge in the industry, CSR Cemintel constructive solutions improve the speed in which buildings are built and the way they work. Ranging from the industry first CeminSeal, which provides 95% stronger joint and compound adhesion to Cemintel Constructafloor, a new lightweight structural flooring product that can be gun nailed for ease of installation.

  • Designer Series

    The Cemintel Designer Series is a modern, innovative and distinctive walling system ideal for any facade application, and unique in the Australian market.

    The system consists of a range of pre-finished cement-bonded fibrous wood particle panels, offering unique textures and finishes that can be used either as stand alone or composite solutions to produce any number of different designs.

    All the panels in the Designer Series range are installed using the same quick and easy installation method. Panels are rapidly installed by simply attaching them directly to a timber or steel building frame using a unique clip fix system. With this method the Designer Series can be installed by carpenters, using existing fibre cement tools.

    Pre-finished panels have a multi layered coating making them highly durable. Panels will not rot, crack or delaminate and are termite resistant.


    • ExpressWall
    • BareStone
    • Residential ExpressWall
    • Headland & Endeavour Weatherboards
    • Scarborough Weatherboard
    • Rendaline
    • Texture Base Sheet


    • Ceramic Tile Underlay and Thermal Break
    • Compressed Sheet
    • Cemintel Constructafloor


    • CeminSeal Wallboard: Recessed Edge
    • CeminSeal Wallboard: Square Edge
    • Plank
    • Cladding





    • Softline
    • Constructive Solutions
    • Eaves Lining Sheet